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Register of Approved Project Plans

Account Name 
Project Name 
Location (postcode) 
PBA Method 
VEEC Creation Method 
Project Approval Date 
Status Change Date 
ERM Power Engineering Pty LtdDexus_360 Collins St_Chiller Controls_Aug 20183000Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upImpact report approved10 Mar 2025 Aug 20
Wattly5GN – Collins Street – Data Centre Upgrade – Oct’193000Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upVEECs registered08 Nov 1919 Aug 20
WattlySiemens_BayswaterHeadOffice_BMSOptimisation_Feb20203153Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upApproved-In-Principle18 Aug 2018 Aug 20
WattlyNorth_East_Water_Wodonga_Blower_Upgrade_Jul20183690Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle03 Aug 2003 Aug 20
National Carbon Bank of Australia StrathbogieCouncil_NagambieRecreationReserve_VSDInstallation_June20193608Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upRelinquished02 Aug 1931 Jul 20
National Carbon Bank of Australia StrathbogieCouncil_EuroaSwimmingPool_VSDInstallation_June20193666Measurement and VerificationForward creationRelinquished02 Aug 1931 Jul 20
National Carbon Bank of Australia North East Water_Wodonga_Blower Upgrade_Jul20183690Measurement and VerificationForward creationRelinquished17 Oct 1831 Jul 20
WattlyWaverley Motor Group_Mulgrave_Renewables_May'203170Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle22 Jul 2022 Jul 20
WattlyMetro Trains Comeng Fleet Lighting Upgrade Nth 20193051Measurement and VerificationForward creationImpact report approved10 Apr 1916 Jul 20
WattlyMetro Trains_Comeng Fleet_Lighting Upgrade 20183051Measurement and VerificationForward creationImpact report approved11 Mar 1916 Jul 20
Green Energy TradingHeritageCare_Heritage Gardens_VO_Mar-20203153Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle15 Jul 2015 Jul 20
ERM Power Engineering Pty LtdColes_538 Leopold_HVAC_May 20193224Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upApproved-In-Principle09 Jul 2009 Jul 20
ERM Power Engineering Pty LtdColes_7718 Hoppers Crossing_HVAC_May 20193029Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upApproved-In-Principle09 Jul 2009 Jul 20
Green Energy TradingHeritageCare_WaterGardens_VO_Apr-20203037Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle09 Jul 2009 Jul 20
Expert GroupChampions IGA_Long Gully_Refrigeration_Controls_Upgrade_August 20203550Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle08 Jul 2008 Jul 20
EC FocusVicinity_Bayside_Boiler upgrade_01-Mar-20203199Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle29 May 2029 May 20
Green Energy TradingPeninsula Health_Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre_Pool Heating Upgrade_October 20183199Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upRelinquished05 Nov 1830 Apr 20
EC FocusVicinity Centres_Broadmeadows_HVAC Upgrade_Aug 20193047Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle15 Apr 2015 Apr 20
EC FocusVicinity Centres Hoyts_Frankston_HVAC Upgrade_March 20203199Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle06 Apr 2006 Apr 20
Expert GroupRitchies Stores_ Paynesville_Refrigeration Controls Upgrade_March 20203880Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle30 Mar 2030 Mar 20
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